Gluten Free Acorn Doughnuts!


I love holidays and the “first days” of all the seasons, so when the first day of Fall arrived, I wanted to do something fun! Our family loves to make treats and take them to families we know, so we decided to do just that to celebrate. We really get into themes (ok, I get into themes and force them into doing it with me), so we decided to make doughnut hole acorns. We had made doughnut acorns before, but since going gluten free, doughnut holes are not easily available at the store. Alas, we had to make them.

We used this recipe from Pamela’s Products website. They are super easy and super yummy! Just five ingredients! Crazy, I know!

DoughnutholesAfter they were all done, we melted some semi-sweet chocolate chips with a little bit of Crisco thrown in to help thin it out. We chose a few toppings to sprinkle on the tops and some gluten-free pretzels we had broken in half as the stems. Then, we dunked each doughnut hole halfway into the chocolate, shook it a bit, then sprinkled on the topping. Lastly, we stuck in the pretzel for the top.toppingsDippingDoughnutacorndoughWe let the chocolate set and then packaged them together on little plates, covering them with plastic.

*A word of caution here if you intend to make these. Don’t wait too long to take/eat them or they will become soggy, especially with the plastic wrap covering them.*

To put everything together, we wrapped the plates with red cellophane I had sitting around and an autumn colored ribbon. I popped out three squirrel themed mini cards and we were set to go! The families we delivered them to really enjoyed the fun and nutty treat!

acorngoodies autumncards

Happy Fall Ya’ll!!


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