Getting on the “Ponderize” Bandwagon…

PonderAlma26.22So, it’s been awhile since the “ponderize” talk by Devin G. Durrant in the October 2015 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I enjoyed the talk and it seemed kind of fun, but it didn’t really sound like something I would do. I have recently been getting up early to study my scriptures by going through the Young Women Personal Progress booklet and reading all of the required scriptures. I also use my scripture journal (which I set up with the help of the Red Headed Hostess who has a kit you can even purchase!!!) and write down the scriptures and things I learn under each corresponding topic. I enjoy this! A lot!

So last night, when I was surfing pinterest and downloading all of the current and past General Conference memes and quotes that people have made, I noticed something. The church has a media category that is just stylized scriptures!! I loved them! Take a look by clicking on the scriptures below!

meme-alma-god-1238335-print meme-doctrine-covenants-90-1224014-print meme-matthew-knock-1231998-print  meme-samuel-rock-1223082-printsixth-article-faith-1207122-print

I really enjoyed looking through these and thought that if I chose a scripture from what I read that week, I could make a printable like these and use it to help me “ponderize.” Plus, I could use it in my scripture journal! This, I think, is a good way for me to keep the things I am currently studying in my mind.

Here’s my scriptures for the week! It’s my first one, so I’m getting the hang of making it look appealing…plus I’m doing the WHOLE scripture and not just an abbreviated line.


Another idea I found is this App called Ponderize! My honey would TOTALLY dig this. He’s a technology guy 100%. The idea is to continually be thinking about the scripture and the gospel principles it teaches, so whatever works.

How do YOU keep the scriptures in your heart and mind during the week?


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