Quick Halloween Decor? Cheesecloth Ghosts!

My mom used to make these ghosts a lot when I was little. In fact, she even made one that was the size of a toddler!! I didn’t need one quite that big, but this last weekend was our branch’s Halloween Trunk or Treat and I wanted to make them for our tables. I searched for a website that would remind me how to make them (my mom just had surgery so I didn’t call her) and came across this one my friend Lara from Overstuffed did. Genius!

I DID NOT have time to dunk the whole thing in starch though, as the directions suggested… I am what you call a procrastinator and they were needed in less than 24 hours. Nice huh? That’s how I roll. My parents always joked that I never got anything done unless I was motivated by the stress that comes from procrastinating. Ugh. To be fair, I DID put together a lot of other things for the party and the ghosts were my finishing touch.

So, I got all of my supplies out. I luckily had the starch from when I attempted to make “Galaxy Slime” with my kids. (It worked, but I had a big bottle of starch leftover. Lucky me!) I found cheesecloth at the dollar store, believe it or not, so I snagged three packs of that as well. All I had as far as a spray bottle was this tiny, dinky travel spray bottle. You know, because I can’t think ahead to buy one at the dollar store. Whatever! I had something!


Next, I made my forms. I got creative with my jars and chopsticks and thought covering them with a piece of plastic wrap would help. If I had to do it over? Scrap the plastic wrap.  It just made it harder to pull off when it dried, and I think it made it harder to dry in some areas.

Ghostforms1 Ghostforms2

I did go over them with my hair dryer and re-sprayed them about three times since my spray was very fine and it didn’t soak into the cloth a whole bunch. After they were dry the next morning, I glued wiggly eyes on them to make them more fun and cute. I like cute.

2015-10-30 07.29.34-1

They turned out light and stiff. Not necessarily unbreakable but they stand up great and all I could ask for.

Have you ever made these?


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