Spooky & Cozy Foot Warmer Gift Idea

FootwarmercoverFor each month, I am trying hard to make something fun and useful to give to the sisters that I visit teach. In October, I decided to make rice foot warmers. I found this tutorial on Pinterest by Craft. Sew. Design. and I loved it! I wanted to make one for every person I knew! It’s cold up here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so rice warmers really do have a solid place in our homes. I ended up making five of them. Two for my mom and sister (shhhhh) and the other three for the ladies. I tried it with a few different kinds of fabrics, so we will see how they hold up!

Footwarmers1After I got them all sewn up, I folded them and wrapped them up with some awesomely glittered ribbon I had. They looked so awesome, and were deceptively heavy! Hahaha!

Footwarmers2Footwarmers3Since it was October, I decided to come up with a fun little poem. That’s easy for me, so I tend to do that often. Write up a poem. This one I based off of Shakespeare’s Song of the Witches from Macbeth. I loved it and I was pretty proud of myself for it. My honey got a good eye roll out of it too, so that made it all worth it. Although Halloween has passed, it’s still silly and fun and there’s always next year!

RiceBagPoemHappy Halloween!


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