Creating a Vision Board. Does it help?


Recently, I listened to Kristine Farley’s “Joyfully Empowered Summit(It was fantastic, by the way) and heard a talk about creating a Vision Board. Now, I have only THOUGHT about Energy Healing and setting intentions and the like, so listening to some of these ladies really stretched my field of vision. The thought of a vision board was interesting and something I had only heard briefly about before, so I googled it. I got some interesting hits and finally ran across a post that explained it in the way the gal on the summit seemed to explain it. Jean from The Artful Parent did a great job explaining them.


So, according to her post, I laid out my thoughts onto my planner. I had a section for new years goals so I figured that that was the best way to keep track of all of them. Some of my goals were:

  • Cutting our debt
  • Doing more with my blog – being consistent
  • Spend time with each of my children each week
  • Focus on losing weight – more specifically, my diet
  • Creating clean house habits

I tried to think long term – as in a year or two. I wanted these things to become habits and something I naturally do. I naturally want to eat better and make time for each of my children individually. These things are important to me and I never seem to be able to pull it off. Also, I know these things won’t all come at once and therefore will need time to implement each one and adding it to the sandwich routine I now have.


Next, I laid out my sections on my poster like the Feng Shui’s Bagua. I have studied Feng Shui and tried to use of few of the ideas when decorating and organizing my home so I was pretty familiar with it. After that? The crafty time! I pulled out all of my magazines, which was a pretty sad assortment of Taste of Home and the Ensign; not that those are bad, they just don’t help in creating well rounded collages. HA!

It was actually kind of hard to put everything together so it fit on a page. You wouldn’t think so, but it is. Maybe it’s just me. ANYWAYS, it turned out great! I’m super happy with it and learned a lot about myself in the process. The main thing was that I wanted everything to be full and busy looking. I really thought that if it were full of pictures then that meant I was trying harder, or wanted more. But, guess what? It wasn’t necessary. There were parts like the section below and I didn’t need to have a lot. It was just one simple thought that I really wanted to work on and I didn’t need to clutter it up!


After it was done, I wrote in a few phrases and things I wanted to work on implanting into my head. Things like I am motivated, and I am worthwhile. These are things I should always have in my mind and heart, but sometimes I get down and I get deceived. I want to work on these things as well.

I placed this board in my room where I can look at it. Now, the truth. Does it work? Short answer is Yes. When I sat down and really studied the board for a few minutes, then my day really seemed to come together. I was happy and calm. I got stuff done!!! When I didn’t take the time to look at it, I was tired, unmotivated, and generally blah. Does that mean the board is magical or that does some miraculous thing? Maybe not. It’s all mental and it’s really how you approach it. I’ve read and watched a few things about setting intentions and inviting that positive energy to manifest itself in your life. I believe this idea of a vision board is one way to invite those positive things to become a reality in your life. It doesn’t hurt to pray about them either! : )


I’ll be sure to update on progress! Have you made a vision board? Has it helped you?


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