Doctrine and Covenants 51:17!

PonderizeDC5117This scripture is actually pretty dear to my heart…. as weird as that sounds. I first really, really listened to this when we were trying to find a way out of this area. I was pushing the Lord to get us out and he kept pushing back. I wasn’t willing to accept it and he was patient. My honey and I had been praying. We were fasting. I was a wreck! Then, we went to church and a friend of ours was teaching the lesson for Sunday School. We were talking about scriptures that meant something to us and he shared this scripture as something that helped them through a tough place.

I was struck. It was incredible! I knew in my heart that Heavenly Father wanted me to hear that and at that moment, it was meant for me. He was telling me to stop asking.

I remember crying a lot after that. It was difficult to accept, and I’m still working on that but it WILL come.

I hope this scripture touches your heart as you take the time to think and ponderize this week.


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