Aargh! Shiver my Scriptures!

MapThemePostThis last year – in 2015 – we did a Treasure Hunt theme in Primary and since there is a lot of this same thing floating around on Pinterest, I thought I would share what we did. I drew mainly from this idea by Trina Brough I found on Sugardoodle. It was great and fit just what I needed! I printed off her maps she’s made which take you through each section of the Book of Mormon and made a map of my own. Here’s my rough draft….roughmapFirst I glued and taped some butcher paper together since I didn’t have anything wide enough. I hung it up in my wall and put wrapping paper behind it so it wouldn’t bleed all over my beautifully colored on walls! The map took me about three days since I added layers and needed to let it dry. I also added details after it was done with a Sharpie. Made it look more cartoon like, don’t you think?

bigmap1bigmap2bigmap3It ended up fitting perfectly too! As you can see behind these children cleverly hidden behind these lipsync masks. (Which you can find here)  I threw up a few palm trees from the dollar store and wallah! Beautiful. I used little pirates from Thistlegirl and laminated them so they’d last longer, wrote their names on the back and they were ready! As they read through each map, they moved to each new section on the map. I kind of drew my map so it looked similar to each of the reading maps. For instance, on the 1st Nephi map there is an island so I made my first dot an island.wallmapI also made treasure chests to use with the jewels. I made two copies of the chest, cut off the top and middle off of one, then laminated them. A little bit of hot glue held them pretty well, although they didn’t get a ton of use since the tasks fell to the wayside since they kept losing their tasks and I didn’t want to have time to make any more!treasurechestsIn following the pirate theme I did make this sign for the schedule of our Primary. It was just a little pop of Pirate! lol2015ScheduleIt was a bit of work, but even so the kids really enjoyed traveling around the map and it made reading the scriptures that more fun!

Are you doing a Pirate theme this year?


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