Pac Man Primary!

PacmanmainThis year in Primary, the yearly theme is “I Know the Scriptures Are True” and unfortunately I already did a pirate theme last year, which would have been perfect with the whole “the scriptures are a treasure” thing. Instead, we decided to do a video game themed primary! We went Pac Man! It took a while to iron out all the ideas and how everything was going to work. In fact, I’m still working on a few things, but those are coming…. slowly.

I ended up using two of our boards. We are lucky and have the building all to ourselves and I have FIVE bulletin boards!!! I know. Crazy. I covered two boards with black plastic tablecloths from Walmart. Seriously. I then cut strips of neon cardstock and stapled them into a maze-like, pac man styled layout. This was ridiculously hard by the way…. I had drawn it out but there was no way I could engineer it so that what I had drawn would end up right on the board. I winged it. It worked out. I cannot be responsible for anything you might try! Haha! pacman3pacman1I chose then to staple all of those dumb little circles on! Yes. I did. Only now have I realized this is a fatal flaw. When the kids move their Monsters, they have to place them off the dots or the tape pulls them right off the board!!! Still trying to figure out a better way. If you come up with something, let me know! For now, I just offset the Monsters so they aren’t directly on the dots. Each child is a Monster…..hahaa….and each Adult is a Pac Man. Here’s a pdf of each kind if you’d like. Pac Man: PacmanPowermen  Monsters: PacmanPowerpacman2Along the path, each red dot represents the end of a book and beginning of a new book in the Book of Mormon. The little pictures of the temple, plates, book, sword, boat, and CTR shield all act as the “fruit” you get when you play Pac Man. They give you extra bonus points! So, when the kids are reading, when they pass one of the red dots or a picture, the get to choose a treat (which has been small candies, pencils, eraser toys, etc..). Our main goal and push is to Keep Reading the scriptures. It’s not so much that they start from the beginning and read all the way through, it that they continually read the scriptures and keep progressing through them. Our family has been reading the Book of Mormon since last year and we are only partially through Alma! We aren’t reading fast, but we are taking the time to talk about what we are reading and that’s most important to our family. This is what I was trying to stress to the kids. I want them to finish the Book of Mormon, sure, but I want them to develop a habit of reading the scriptures MORE!

So far, it’s been great! (It’s only been two Sundays O_o) I began the year by passing out a packet. Here’s the little paper I made to stick on the front of the envelopes below.

themesquareTitleBox Inside, I put:

  • An intro letter explaining things and giving them a heads up on our Pac Man theme
  • A basic calendar of the year with Faith In God and Scout times. Also, our Primary program date too!
  • A Packet of songs that we are going to be singing throughout the year. This included not only the songs that are to be in the Primary program, but the songs we are doing for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Pioneer Day, and Christmas.

Each kid also got a copy of this awesome Book of Mormon reading chart from the New Era! Isn’t it awesome!? I love it so much! This chart was ideally to be kept at home and then they were given a bookmark (below) that had the books in the Book of Mormon and I will be hole punching them as they read through them. I got the sweet scripture clip art from Tami Ray at A Pocket Full of LDS Printables! She’s got some super cute printables with this year’s theme! I figured it would be something they can keep in their scriptures and if they ever need to remember where they are, they have a handy cheat available. Of course you can always just use the bookmark or the chart by itself instead!!


Soon, I hope to be able to develop a “Power Pellet” reverence idea and get out a CD to all of the kids with the songs from the packet. I’ll also do a post on our cards we have to mark who’s doing the prayers, scripture, and talk!

What are YOU doing in Primary this year? Om nom nom.


*PacMan clipart from

*“I Know The Scriptures Are True” Clip art by Tami Ray at A Pocket Full of LDS Printables!

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