Camping or Glamping? Party Inspiration!!

CampingideasSo, my Honey and Bear are into Scouting right now. Honey has a calling as the Scoutmaster and Bear is an 11 year old Scout. Happy times for the two of them, but not so much for the girlies. In fact, we had major meltdowns because this weekend they are going camping in a cabin. Now don’t get me wrong, I love camping a lot… but it’s FREAKING cold!!! Not MY idea of fun. So, I am having a hard time understanding why the girls are so mad! I wouldn’t want to go.

To help heal hurt hearts, I ended up coming with this idea to have a girls camping activity. I told Honey they call it “Glamping” or glamorous camping and he didn’t believe me. I told Little Miss she could invite two friends and Chickie she could invite one…because little girls can be a whole lot needier than big girls…. Now, it was time to compile ideas! Here’s what our ideas are and a little bit of dreaming.


I am totally in love with these tents that open up. I’ve looked at some tutorials and they are not quite what I want, but I’m sure what I want either doesn’t exist or would require heavy machinery. These are super great ideas though. From looking at these, I’ve discovered I need a Silhouette or a Cricut. I mean seriously! Look!!

TentInviteThis one seemed like the way I was going. It’s from Angenuity. She also has a bunch of great ideas for food and activities too!

camping-party-invitesThese cute pink tents came from Toys In The Dryer. She even offers the printable FREE!! Not quite what I wanted but still so dang cute!

Tentinvite2These outrageously complicated looking invites are so awesome. I want them. I want to have a party just so I can use them.

Unfortunately, I can’t so I’ll just have to settle for enjoying them on By Stephanie Lynn! Like invitation eye candy.


I just caught this one on Catch My Party and TOTALLY love the back piece of paper. I have a Big Shot from Stampin’ Up and have a bunch of different embossing folders!!! I can do that!

Next, it’s the Activities. I know, I know. I guess it’d naturally go onto food, but my kids are GO,GO,GO! It doesn’t matter what the food is if there isn’t anything else to do. A LOT of parties I looked at did similar things to what my girls and I thought up.

wooden-disks birdhouses

Painting birdhouses and scavenger hunts were totally popular. I love what they did here on another Hostess with the Mostess party. I saw these tree cookie necklaces and freaked! I have some of these upstairs in my craft box! Don’t ask.


I love, love, love this idea of having a parachute and an outdoor sing-a-long like this party at Hostess with the Mostess, but we have 2 1/2 feet of snow outside and it’s in the single digits, so unfortunately it’s out….

Dreamcatcher_DIY_Pinterest-1This little gem flew by on my Pinterest feed and I knew it was perfect for our party. Making dream catchers would be awesome!! The Journey Junkie has a FANTASTIC tutorial on how to make these. I’m excited to see what I can use from my stash of stuff!

After all that, I’m sure they’d be tired. But, and I’m dreaming here, if I had the money and the time…. I’d do what this gal from Spaceships and Laserbeams did. This is a full out activity and party favor paradise! Scavenger hunt, bags, buckets with color books, binoculars, bug catching nets… it’s amazing!

boys-camping-birthday-party-favors-1At last for the food, I know a few little girls won’t need elaborate spreads like most of the parties I’ve seen. It’s crazy how much stuff they fit on a table (and, like 5 different types of cookies!!!!!). So, we went with pizza. With our family being gluten free, we don’t get to do pizza very often unless we make it ourselves. That way it’s actually a normal size instead of the itty bitty pizzas you get for a whopping $10 a piece. Yeah. No thank you. Also, since it’s not a birthday or anything, we didn’t need a cake or cupcakes but I was truly diggin’ these cakes with the flames and all. I kinda want to make some anyways. Would you?

camping8Like these cupcakes?! My friend would say “totes adorbs!” From Kara’s Party Ideas.

boys-camping-party-campfire-cakeThis cake!!! Also from Spaceships and Laserbeams.

birthday-party-ideas-for-him-04Also this one from Hallmark of all places… they even have a PDF of instructions! I seriously need to make this.

Camping-Birthday-Party-cake-northstory.ca_I love these flames the most from Northstory!!!

Since our meal is sadly lacking in dessert (unless I go crazy and make a cake anyways), we decided to have an indoor s’more bar. The idea is to buy those cans of heat and put them in a terra cotta pot to keep hands safe. We’d use some skewers I have, grab some gluten free graham crackers and chocolate, and whala! S’mores! Lots of party ideas online had something to do with s’mores. Some had s’more cupcakes or cookies. Some had an outdoor s’more station… there were only a few I saw with some kind of indoor s’more making area. I figured this was a fun way to bring some of the real camping feel into the party even though we can’t go outside. Maybe I’ll burn my pine scented Scentsy. Hahaha


Now, I love decor. Love being a mild term. I’m not sure how far I will go with this since I tend to be more lazy with my own parties than if I were asked to help with another person’s party.

I have these lights I found at Walmart (which is like THE ONLY store in a two hour radius that is remotely like a party/craft store). I’ve thought about stringing a set up in my kitchen over the table and another set or two strung up in the front room. The girls want to set up our “real life” two person tent so they can play and snuggle in it. I also promised them that after the party was over, they could have a sleepover in it.

I made my own campfire many years ago when I was decorating for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet so I have pulled that out. It is kind of like this one from Beth Kruse Custom Creations.


Really, the crafty stuff will take up the majority of the space on my table and any other counter space (which is little) will probably be filled with dishes and/or more craft junk. So, I’m hoping the ambiance will be enough to make this party seem cool and fun. Miss wanted to watch a movie so that will be a good wrap up for them. Just hanging out in the tent watching a movie. Not sure what movie they will watch – something to entertain a couple 8 and 9 year olds and a couple 4 and 5 year olds? Maybe Pocahontas? Maybe Camp Beverly Hills? Hahaha

Wrapping it up is the Party Favors!

As a parting gift, I love giving favors. It’s like handouts after a lesson. I LOVE THEM!! I love giving them and I love receiving them! Can you tell my love language is gifts?!

I’m thinking the crafts will be quite a lot coming home, but a cute little bag of trail mix might be a fun “thank you” for coming to the party. Don’t you think? Not too much but still a little somethin’? I’m always in favor of a favor. 😉

Does that sound like a fun party to you? How would you make it better or different?

I’ll keep you posted on party progress!


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