How to Make Speech Bubble Magnets!


I was cruising through Pinterest and stumbled across these cute and adorable magnets from Shopevalicious! I wanted to make them but it wasn’t a tutorial (just an item from the shop), so I set out to make my own! I really loved the typing font but I decided to do something a little different! It’s almost Valentine’s Day so I grabbed some super cute stamps and plowed ahead!

card phrases quote bubbles 002So I started by cutting out some of the speech bubbles from felt. I’m no help to you here since I free handed them and didn’t bother using a template. If you google speech bubble though, you’ll get a TON of different options. Print them out, cut them out, and trace them on the felt. THEN cut out the speech bubbles. Hahaha!

cutoutsAfter they were all cut out, I glued them to cardstock. The cardstock I’m using is from Stampin’ Up and it’s the Regals pack. I used rubber cement, since I was lazy and didn’t want to go searching the house to see if we had any other kind of glue. We have a million glue sticks but I just don’t buy liquid glue anymore! Liquid glue and Dax don’t mix. As it was, the rubber cement was dwindling because the majority of it is now gracing our carpet. I know. If you know how to get rubber cement out of carpets, I’ll be eternally grateful. Anyways, the felt seemed to stick just fine. I also wasn’t stingy with it though…

cutoutpaperWhile I let those dry, I decided I’d use stamps I had to be the “speech.” These adorable stamps are, again, from Stampin’ Up. I have an addiction and I lovingly refer to my demonstrator as my dealer. I also used the Whisper White cardstock and then the StazOn black ink. The carstock is SOOOOOOO smooth and I really didn’t want to mess it up with one swipe of the hand, so I used my StazOn which is supposed to be unsmearable…(is that a word?)

stampsI decided to give them a bit of color with some sharpies I had. Didn’t smear at all. Super awesome.

colorstampsAfter those were all done, my felt seemed dry so I cut out around the felt about half an inch or so. Then, I cut out my stamps. I tried to get as close as possible without it looking dorky so it’d fit well on the speech bubbles. I was lucky. Ha! I matched each stamp to the speech bubble that it fit best with and glued them on! Again, I used a liberal amount of rubber cement (they’re still holding too).papermagnetAfter that dried – I worked on the invites for our camping party while I waited – I flipped them over and glued on some magnets with my totally awesome E6000 glue! This glue is totally awesome and hasn’t failed me yet! I didn’t want to use it for the paper because it is a bit slower on the drying speed dial and I felt it was also kind of overkill, but I might eat my words if they one day fall apart off my fridge, I’ll let you know.


I let them dry overnight because our house is on the cooler side – a balmy 65 degrees in our kitchen – and they were dry by morning. Don’t they look so fun!?


I made these to pass out to the ladies I visit teach each month, but these have endless uses! You could:

  • Make them for your honey and leave them stuck to random places in the house or his work stuff! (or his books….)
  • Make them for Valentine’s Day as bookmarks or just valentines!
  • Make less lovey dovey ones and give them to friends! (Unless you LOVE your friends) hahaha!
  • You could replace the stamped image with your contact information and have your kid pass them out their friends! You could even print their face and put near the bottom so it looks like THEY are talking! Genius.
  • Put sight words on them and leave them around the house for your kiddos to read and practice.
  • Put words of encouragement for your New Year’s Resolutions and stick them on the fridge! Mine would say, “You’re Bored, No Eating!” or “Drink some water!”
  • Put affirmations on them and stick them to your bathroom mirrors! Better yet, put a magnet on them and give them to your kiddos so they can put them in their lockers!

I love these! They are so fun! What would you use them for?


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