Post-Camping Party…

Last week, the girls had their Camping party – or Glamping party… whatever you want to call it. It ended up turning out well, which was a miracle seeing as everything felt like it was going wrong. The girls had set up a small tent from their giant tinker toys to “practice” earlier in the week which made the excitement last All. Week. Long. Seriously. By the time the party came about, I was already camped out (bahaha, get it!?). I did manage a pic, albeit a terrible one, of them “practicing.”

tentpracticeWe set up our 2-4 person tent in the living room which left a foot of space between the tent door and the TV. It was squished, but all of the girls could see the TV from inside the tent so I really didn’t care. I didn’t even think about taking pictures. Not. At. All. I’m terrible at remembering those kinds of things. So, you’ll have to use your imagination. Our invites turned out pretty good after all of our hard work. I couldn’t begin to tell you how to recreate them yourselves, but I basically measured how tall the triangle was and how wide one side was and made it 1/4 inch taller than the tent. This gave the extra room for the fold. The fold itself lands on the printed line of the triangle. I was pretty proud of myself.


When everyone got there (all four girls),  I let them loose painting their birdhouses. This worked out well, but took way longer than I had thought since we didn’t even have time in the three hour slot to get to the dream catchers. They did enjoy it though. They were all very proud of their birdhouses. Chickie and her friends painted these little gnome looking houses while Little Miss and her friends painted the sightly bigger houses. Little Miss was miffed because her zebra print turned out to be more of a cow print. We had made dirt cups with pudding as a snack since we could and we wanted to quite frankly, so the girls ate those when they were finished with their houses. Little Miss thought I was awesome for letting them “eat dessert before dinner.” #awesomemom

JBirdhousebirdhousesI had decided to make the pizza crust while they were doing their houses and spent about 15 minutes SEARCHING for my yeast! I saw some, I knew it was there, and yet I could not find it anywhere. Not the fridge or the pantry. It was gone.

I frantically searched on google “substitutes for yeast” and got this “you can’t substitute anything for yeast, you want a substitute leavener.” WHATEVER GOOGLE! Just figure it out! I found baking soda and vinegar is good. Great. I guesstimated what to put in as best I could. I’m not a chef and I don’t advertise myself as one, but this was totally a risk and all of these poor girls were the guinea pigs. I finished the dough and popped it into the oven. All seemed good until smoke started pouring from my oven!!! YEAH! Pouring! I ripped open the oven and it was totally fine. WHAT!? On further examination, the top was fine but the bottom was burning. How does this happen people?! It burned in this weird web like pattern. So I did what any “good” mom would do…. I slapped on a bunch of sauce and layered the cheese on thick! Only one of the girls didn’t like it and she was happy to have some chips and cheese. I don’t blame her! It wasn’t that bad actually. There were some spots that were worse than others but all in all it was pretty good, for an experiment.  Can’t tell you how furious I was today when I found that dumb thing of yeast sitting on the pantry shelf…..

After the dinner fiasco, I had just about enough of the party so we ditched the other plans and let them roast marshmallows. I got a Sterno can of heat (the kind they use to keep food warm on buffet tables) and placed it on a terra cotta plant dish. I had planned on putting it in the pot with all of the cute pebbles around it to hold it but by that time, the pebbles were definitely an afterthought. S’mores are always a hit and this seemed to satisfy all of the kids who still had room in their tummies.

This was my table after everyone left. A mess is the sign of a good time, right? lol I sure hope so, because that means everyone had an awesome time.

aftermath1A few tips though before you venture to do a camping party of your own:

  • Only plan one main activity. I had planned two and to be honest, I’m glad we didn’t get to dream catchers because I cannot imagine the work it would take to get three 4/5 year olds to finish a dream catcher.
  • Double check your food before hand. Seriously people, that yeast was there and then it wasn’t. I even lost my package of pepperoni to my 11 year old son who didn’t think about why it was in the fridge to begin with. I really did slack on making sure this was all there the night before. Do it, you’ll thank me.
  • Don’t feel the need to do any goody bags! We sent the girls home with their birdhouse, a tree cookie necklace (I had just enough left over from a previous project), and a bag of trail mix. This was a lot. I think if you rank goody bags on the priority list, it would fall toward the bottom. Don’t stress over them.
  • Don’t over schedule the party. I tried to make sure they were busy the whole time and the only person who was run ragged was me. They were totally happy playing in the tent and watching a movie while I frantically fixed the pizzas. They don’t need scheduled fun 100% of the time.

I’m so glad that’s over. I still want the girls to be able to make their dream catchers but I honestly have no idea when that will happen. For now, the stuff sits in a basket. HA!


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