Making My Own Way…Whatever That Is….

So recently, I have had a hard time getting myself to the computer. I really wanted to do a blog but I really have no “Passion” or specific thing to write about so I set out to make one. It didn’t go well. I felt like everyone I saw could do a better job and every idea I had was sub par. Know what I mean? I keep feeling like I HAVE to blog and that’s not what I wanted at all. I WANT to blog for FUN! Now I feel like it’s not fun and I’ve done it to myself!

Then, my friend Jen convinced me to do Random Chittering. It’s a vlog/talk show where we talk about random things. I enjoy it. We’ve been able to continue it and I felt bad about leaving my blog behind. Still, I couldn’t make myself write. It wasn’t until my friend, Lara at Overstuffedlife, told me to take our Random Chittering videos and break them down so we could tell people about the things we did in them. Brilliant! Although, for some reason, I’m still fearful of writing. Not sure why. Afraid I might not succeed, so why start?? Who knows.

I’m still working on things I can do that are FUN for me. What are ways that you make things fun for yourself? How do you stop yourself from trying to be what everyone else wants you to be? (That includes what you think you should be)!!!



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