Book of Mormon Camp! Fifth Sunday Idea!

bomcampcraftIn my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I am asked to oversee the kids ages 3-11 in an organization called Primary. Usually, as teachers, we have a lesson manual that we use to teach every Sunday except on fifth Sunday. Some people like to use this Sunday to catch up on missed lessons, do a focus lesson, or just have fun! We are the last option. We just wanna have fun! Book of Mormon Camp was my brain child that started two years ago when I was just a counselor in the Primary. Every year there are four fifth Sundays….right? I’m doubting my knowledge. Anyways, we chose to do a Book of Mormon Camp! Well, what the heck it it?!

Last year, I made each camp day focus on a section of the Book of Mormon and we did two crafts based on something from that section of scripture.

1st BOM Camp: 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni, Words of Mormon


Mini bows and arrows from Buzzfeedd11bd418b63dce4a85a1d0eadb91a273

Origami boats from

2nd BOM Camp: Mosiah, Alma


Foam Swords from The Crafty Blog Stalker99abea00961ff611025addfe044853ba

Pom-pom sheep from The Mad Housed549e1d6d259affc590853709eaa94e9

3rd BOM Camp: Helaman, 3 Nephi, 4 Nephi


Prayer Rocks from Simply Kierstede5620d3968b38e87675a53488831eb1

Nativity Set ideas from 1: MyChickenCoop Etsy and 2: Dream Ita506c298c6fe08d4417d5fd7be54a1f9c413438b968e904c5f2f4eb4d607c0ce

4th BOM Camp: Mormon, Ether, Moroni


Shields from A House of.. Learning, Prayer, and Little Onesdsc01232

Glow-dough from Growing a Jeweled Rose



Hopefully you can tell why I chose each. For example, the glow-dough was to simulate the stones touched by the Lord in Ether. We made sure to talk about each activity and relate it to the scriptures before we even turned them loose so hopefully it got into their heads. We usually had two tables and split everyone up. Since we live in a branch, this wasn’t that hard!

This year, I decided it was exhausting trying to come up with two crafts to do each time we had a BOM Camp so I decided that one activity would be physical, and another would be a food treat. Seriously. The kids don’t want to do anything unless it contained food or was food related.  I’ll share those activities in the next post!

What has your Primary done for Fifth Sundays?


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