More About Me


This is my family! We live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan…. you know… that part no one really knows exists?! We’ve lived here for ten years now and I don’t foresee us going anywhere any time soon. I’m a stay at home mom with a few side jobs here and there. I am originally from Idaho, and that’s where I met my honey. We were high school sweethearts and stuck it out after graduation. We moved to Michigan where he went to Michigan Technological University and got his degree. I was unable to get a college education, but I’m planning on heading back to school to get a degree in ASL and become an interpreter. Until then, I am home with my two littlest kiddos and I am striving to find a way to balance it all. I am struggling with embracing where I am in life and trying to move forward with faith and at the same time, cultivate an attitude of gratitude.


My honey is in IT, so you know we have the coolest computer in the area. Not really, but it’s pretty dang close. He’s addicted to the outdoors and thrives in the fifteen feet of snow we get every year. I think it’s great he loves it and I enjoy him enjoying it from the comfort of my warm home. We both enjoy playing video games – along with all of my other children. We are a family of electronics, yet it’s difficult balancing that and physical exercise and personal interaction!!!


We have four kiddos. Our oldest (Bear) is 11, next (Miss) is 8, then (Chickie) 4, and finally (Dax) 1 – almost 2! It’s a busy household! Bear is involved with Scouts and Band. Miss is desperate to get into something so we are venturing into dancing! Chickie and Dax are busily teaching me how to be more physically active because there is no way to keep up with them otherwise! We are cleaning, exercising, and playing machines (or at least trying to be)!

IMG_8006Life can be slow, dull, fast, crazy, chaotic, thrilling, terrifying, and more. There is always room for improvement and yet sometimes it seems so very perfect.

But here, we can enjoy it all, together.